Lukas Niederberger


Giving Structure to the Day, the Year and Life

From morning to evening, from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve, from the cradle to the grave, we move from one transition to the next. We mark and celebrate significant turning points such as births, weddings and deaths with familiar rituals. But other important processes of change such as moving out of the parental home, quitting a job, separations or moving into the retirement home usually take place without any ceremonial acts. Very few people have clear ideas about how they can create rituals to shape transitions in everyday life, in the annual cycle or during life changes on their own with untried elements. So the purpose of this book is to communicate both a theoretical background and practical help. Readers are encouraged to create harmonious rituals of their own in everyday life, in the course of the year or for significant life transitions according to their own wishes and ideas. These reflections stimulate conversations with trusted people and turn this book with its many impulse questions into a private seminar on your own sofa.

  • Impulse questions to download
  • Many true-to-life examples and suggestions
  • Written by an experienced companion for rituals

ISBN 978-3-8436-1264-7
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Lukas Niederberger

Lukas Niederberger, born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1964, has headed the well-known educational center »Lassalle Haus« in Switzerland until 2007. Today the theologian and philosopher is executive director of the »SGG, the Swiss Society for Charitable Works«. A former Jesuit, he also advises organizations, individuals and couples in decision processes and devises rituals for transitions. As a publicist and seminar leader, he is involved with themes including volunteer work, leadership, ethics, decision making, dialogue between religions, spirituality and rituals.