Lea  Ackermann / Michael Albus

That Beats Everything!

A Conversation on the Burden and Pleasure of Growing Older

This is a unique book about growing old: Lea Ackermann, nun and fighter for women's rights, and well-travelled journalist Michael Albus have a conversation about life: Which experiences have shaped them up into old age? Do women and men age differently? How has their view of God and the world changed? These are answers beyond the clichés, both authentic and surprising: a look into the future. 

  • Men's and women's perspective on ageing
  • Two prominent authors with highly active lives
  • Reconciliation as Purpose in Life

ISBN 978-3-8436-1200-5
Hardcover with book ribbon
192 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 20.00

Title in German

The Authors


Lea Ackermann

Dr. Lea Ackermann, ordained nun and pedagogue, is internationally known for her organization for women in crisis. Widely honored and repeatedly awarded, she lives in Boppard/Rhine. On February 2nd she was able to celebrate her 80th birthday.

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Michael Albus

Dr. Michael Albus has been the managing television editor for ZDF (second channel of German television broadcasting). He is honorary professor for religious didactics of media at the University of Freiburg and active in publishing.