Christian Firus

What We Gain When We Do Without

In many areas of life, we sense that the next straw will break the camel's back – or has already done so. Yet, we cheerfully keep loading on more without ever saying "stop." But doing without what is superfluous and letting go of what is too much is precisely what we need to be happy. This approach offers a path to better health, more freedom and greater personal development on many levels in daily life. It is not about permanently avoiding our obligations but establishing a distance to whatever drives and rushes us. Christian Firus takes the reader on a surprising journey of discovery in a new culture of the less. With tips and exercises.

  • Trendy topic of "less is more"
  • With tips and exercises

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1253-1
Softcover with flaps
160 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 15.00

The Author

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Christian Firus

Christian Firus is a physician specialized in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, psychiatry, trauma therapy and systemic therapy. He is a senior staff member at a rehabilitation clinic in the Black Forest region and author of a book. His areas of expertise include the further development of approaches to trauma therapy in groups, the treatment of depression and burnout, as well as promoting mental health.