Barbara Röser / Udo Röser

The Wounded Inner Child and Love

How to Achieve Deep Closeness in Couple Relationships

The first experiences that we have in childhood with our parents help to determine whether and how our own relationships succeed. If we lacked support, appreciation and love as a child, these emotional wounds will probably also interfere in our couple relationships. Within this context, the authors speak about the narcissistic wounds that become apparent in relationship crises when conflict scenarios repeat and are dominated by feelings such as pain, anger or shame. The authors, who are also a couple in private life, show how people can leave the negative spiral of inadequate self-love, shame and insecurity to find true communication and deeper closeness.

  • How couples can grow through crises
  • Trendy topic of the inner child
  • With many tips and exercises

ISBN 978-3-8436-1237-1
Softcover with flaps
200 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 18.00

The Authors

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Udo Röser

Udo Röseris a couple and sex therapist, teaching therapist for couple therapy and couple synthesis, as well as for Gestalt Therapy. He also heads a specialised clinic for addiction therapy. He lives with his family in Wiesbaden.

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Barbara Röser

Barbara Röseris a couple and sex therapist, as well as teaching therapist for coupe synthesis. She is also a lecturer at the Academy for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (APPM) Wiesbaden. She lives with her family in Wiesbaden.