Doris Bewernitz

The Secret of Slowness

On Dawdling, Dreaming and Being Brave

When stress gets out of hand, you can literally run out of air. The number of tasks seems to increase from day to day and the to-do lists grow. People train their “functioning” throughout their entire lives, but stopping, dreaming and finding an inner calm are not obviously part of the practice plan. Doris Bewernitz knows the experience of feeling lost between the many deadlines. And she tells about how she has discovered the secret of slowness for her own life. Her path leads to various moments of her own life experience in which time has gained a different quality. Her stories will inspire you to reflect on your own vital energy and encourage you to take the time of your own life into your hands.

  • Timely topic: Slowing down
  • Self-help and reading pleasures
  • Stories that give vital energy

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1046-9
Hardcover with book ribbon
208 pages
Format 13 x 21 cm
EUR 18.00

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Doris Bewernitz

Doris Bewernitz, born in Lübz/Mecklenburg, lives as a freelance writer in Berlin. The mother of two sons has gathered experiences in professions such as paediatric nurse, court reporter, mathematics teacher and gestalt therapist. She is the author of many successful publications, has received several literary awards and is a founding member of the author group »Aufbruch Berlin« (Awakening Berlin)