Sabria David

The Longing for the Next Click

Media Resilience: How We Become Happy in a Digital World

Social media and digital technologies have radically changed our life within a short time. But how can we help to shape this fundamental transformation in a self-determined way? Sabria David has coined the term “media resilience” for this positive and confident approach to smartphone & co. This is about not misunderstanding digitalisation as a purely technical phenomenon but looking at the primeval human longings and fears that draw us into the Net. This also allows us to answer the question about what we can do to be happy and fulfilled in a digital world.

  • Trendy topic of media resilience
  • Social backgrounds of the media transformation
  • With practical tips for school and the working world

ISBN 978-3-8436-1243-2
184 pages
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The Author

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Sabria David

Sabria David is a media researcher and co-founder of the Slow Media Institute. She advises on and researches the phenomena of media transformation, gives lectures and seminars and works as a consultant for organisations in the digitalisation process. She lives in Bonn. See her German-language website at