Josef Giger-Bütler

Stronger than the Pain

Living with Chronic Pain in a Self-Determined Way

Chronic pain can turn people’s lives upside down and rob them of vitality, initiative and motivation. The well-known psychotherapist Josef Giger-Bütler describes the means and paths through which individuals can find their way out of this chronic strain by finding a different and new approach to their pain. It is important for them not to abandon their own lives to pain but overcome its paralysing effect. This means taking a long path back to themselves and reconciling with their own existence. This empathetic book understands and gives encouragement to those who are affected.

  • A new approach to pain management
  • Empathetic and encouraging
  • For patients, relatives, physicians and therapists

ISBN 978-3-8436-1179-4
180 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 16.00

The Author

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Josef Giger-Bütler

Josef Giger-Bütleris a psychotherapist in private practice in Lucerne, a trainer for psychotherapists and a lecturer at the Lucerne School of Social Work in Switzerland. He is the author of many self-help books.