Josef Epp

Protecting and Strengthening Myself:

Suggestions and Exercises for Resilience in Everyday Life

Private and professional stress, stressful situations in the family, at work and due to volunteer activities: This pushes many people to their limits. When tension becomes the dominant attitude towards life, it endangers the individual's health. It is crucial to strengthen the personal powers of resistance and establish protective areas. Josef Epp provides encouraging suggestions for healthy self-care of both the body and the soul. In a dialogue with experts from various fields, he shows how to consciously approach distressing factors and activate resources such as motivation, relationships, joy in life and spirituality. What makes this book special is its combination of a scientific basis, a holistic approach and practicability in everyday life through suggestions and exercises.

  • Scientific basis
  • Holistic approach
  • Easy to translate into everyday life

ISBN 978-3-8436-1211-1
Hardcover with book ribbon
160 pages
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Josef Epp

Josef Epp, born in 1957, is religion teacher, hospital pastor and lecturer in the field of adult education. The widowed father of three children lives in Allgäu.