Guy Bodenmann

Love With All Your Heart

Commitment – How to Keep Your Relationship Happy in the Long Run

We all wish for true love. And those who have found it hope that it will last a lifetime. Yet, the high separation and divorce rates show that all too often, love disappears and the relationship breaks up. But couples can do something about it: Like a plant, love needs to be nurtured. This means getting involved in the relationship –fully and completely engaging with the other person. In psychology, this is called commitment and the key to a lasting partnership. With the help of many exercises and concrete practical tips, the couples therapist and partnership researcher Guy Bodenmann shows how couples can strengthen their commitment in order to also survive times of crises – such as job stress or infidelity – in a good way and grow old together. This is a book that helps people sustain love and find their way to a happy relationship.

  • Help in keeping love alive
  • By a renowned expert in couples research
  • With many case studies and exercises

ISBN 978-3-8436-1306-4
192 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 20.00

The Author

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Guy Bodenmann

Dr. Guy Bodenmann is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Zurich and works as a couples therapist and trainer. His work and research focusses on couples/families, as well as the prevention of relationship disorders. He has published many specialist books and guides on these topics at (in German).