Erich Schechner

Live Your Possibilities

Viktor Frankl and the development of human beings

After the Second World War, Viktor Frankl, founder of logotherapy, moved into the limelight with his work »…Man's Search For Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy«. In this book, he describes his experiences as inmate of Auschwitz. The stunning life journey of the Viennese psychiatrist led him to the foundation of a form of psychotherapy which is guided by the meaning of existence and helps to say an undaunted Yes to life even in abysmal situations.
The experienced therapist Erich Schechner explains Viktor Frankl´s impulses for all purpose-seekers and critical contemporaries of our time.

  • Wordly-wise and professionally experienced author
  • Key insights of logotherapy as help for everyone

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1003-2
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Erich Schechner

Dr. Erich Schechner, born in 1959, is psychotherapist and has his own doctor´s office in Bonn. He is member of the German Society for Logotherapy and Existantial Analyses as well as member of the International Association for Logotherapy and Existantial Analyses in the Viktor Frankl Instiute in Vienna.