Tom Diesbrock

Let Loose

The Clever Way to Handle Our Mind's Little Perfectionist

Do you have (too) high expectations of yourself? Are you often afraid that your achievements are not good enough and that you should try even harder as a result? Do you occasionally hear your friends say that you need to shift down a gear for a change? Then Tom Diesbrock would like to welcome you to the world of the Little Perfectionist. It has settled in our minds and constantly convinces us that we need to raise the bar a little bit higher after all. But the more we try, the narrower our tunnel vision becomes and the more our error rate increases – a vicious circle that leads to exhaustion. Tom Diesbrock invites us to take a closer look at this stubborn part of our personality for once. To understand it and take a more intelligent approach to it!

  • Elaborate design
  • With checklists and interactive elements
  • To give as a present to someone else or to yourself

ISBN 978-3-8436-1274-6
Brochure with flaps
144 pages
Format 16 x 19 cm
EUR 14.00

The Author

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Tom Diesbrock

Tom Diesbrock is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He works as a career and life coach. He is the author of many books and lives in Hamburg. His website is