Cornelia Dehner-Rau

In Tune with Yourself

Recognizing Your Own Needs and Taking Them Seriously

Finding out what you really need is not that easy. And neither is meeting these needs. However, both belong to good self-care and therefore to a good life. The physical and emotional needs such as se-curity, relationships or protection of self-esteem must not be neglected. People who know how to meet these needs are less likely to be manipulated and can take a more active approach to their own lives. With the help of many reflective questions and practical exercises, the experienced psychotherapist Cornelia Dehner-Rau enables readers to find ways of recognising their own needs and searching for their own sources of strength.

  • New impulses for more joy in life
  • With many questions for reflecting on a good life

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0992-0
184 pages
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The Author

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Cornelia Dehner-Rau

Dr. Cornelia Dehner-Rau is a specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. She has worked as the senior physician in the Psychosomatic Department of Heiligenfeld Clinic Group in Bad Kissingen since 2017. Her previous position was at the Clinic for Psychotherapeutic and Psychosomatic Medicine at the Protestant Hospital of Bielefeld for 15 years. One of her main work areas is the treatment of people with trauma-related disorders.