Hans Morschitzky

Fear of Death

Perceiving Existential Fears and Using Them as an Opportunity

We all know: Everyone must die one day. Yet, death is largely a taboo topic. Most of us are afraid of dying and death. However, people with mental disorders such as a phobia suffer in particular from existential fears, which are frequently the basis of their problems. They are sometimes so afraid that they lose their joy in life. In this guide, the experienced psychotherapist Hans Morschitzky provides support in dealing with the difficult topics of dying and death. He presents five basic attitudes to better coping with existential fears: 1. face the fear of death; 2. search for meaning; 3. live according to personal values; 4. prepare for dying and death; 5. find a personal form of spirituality or philosophy. The many exercises and questions for reflection make it possible for readers to find out what can help them to accept death – in order to fully enjoy life in the here and now.

  • Clear consideration of a difficult taboo topic
  • Help in the constructive confrontation with our own finiteness
  • With many exercises and questions for reflection

ISBN 978-3-8436-1278-4
176 pages
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The Author

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Hans Morschitzky

Dr. Hans Morschitzky, a psychological psychotherapist, works in a state clinic in Linz, Austria, as well as in private practice. His areas of specialization include anxiety disorders and psychosomatic disorders. He has authored a number of books which have been translated into several languages.