Rainer Haak

Café Timeless

A Tale about the Wings of the Soul

This is a book about friendship, the power of dreams and the invisible forces that accompany us. In his mid-thirties, Michael is in a crisis: His girlfriend left him two years ago, and he no longer enjoys his job or sports. If it weren’t for his friends!

The first one is Chris, an artist and bon vivant who lives in an old construction trailer. Then there is the “round table,” four completely different people who are very close to him: Bonnie, Joy, Theo and Dr. Zweifel. They meet with him on a regular basis at a place that exists outside of time: Café Timeless. This is where he learns how dreams can change his life and an angel becomes a companion for his life.

This book is like wings for the soul.

  • Ideal for reading, giving as a gift and dreaming
  • Lessons for modern life

ISBN 978-3-8436-1206-7
Hardcover with book ribbon
128 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 14.00

Title in German

The Author

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Rainer Haak

Rainer Haak was a youth leader, waiter, bookseller, pastor and a concert and travel organiser before he became one of the most successful book authors with more than nine million books sold in the German-speaking world.