Klaus Mertes

How Catchwords Become Real Words

New Spelling for Faith

Language changes and the ideas that we associate with certain terms also change. The Church has been preaching the Gospel for 2000 years, but much of the Church vocabulary hardly sounds like good news today anymore. Much of it seems like empty snail shells in which a different animal now lives. New meanings have been inserted into the old words, the actual intention of a statement is hardly recognisable anymore and what is self-evident becomes misunderstood. When we replace the traditional terms that have become empty words with modern ones, the old ones disappear as new fashions bring new words. As a result, Klaus Mertes takes a different path. He reveals the actual significance of about 37 key words in theology and spirituality with new words and often with stories that make it easier to understand the true meaning.

  • Emotive issue of Catholic Church language
  • Stimulating spiritual impulses

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Klaus Mertes

Klaus Mertes, Jesuit, is the Rector of the Kolleg St. Blasien secondary school in the Black Forest. He teaches religion and Latin and is the editor of Stimmen der Zeit. He was previously the Rector of the Canisiuskolleg in Berlin. In 2010, he helped bring to light the abuse and cover-up scandal at the school that had far-reaching repercussions. In the meantime, it changed the awareness of the problem in the church and also in society worldwide.