Regina Groot Bramel

On Foot Through the Universe

Parents on the Move with a Little Human Being

In lovingly written letters to a small child, Regina Groot Bramel encourages young parents to be self-confident and courageous, serene and joyful, confident and imaginative, realistic and loving towards the child just as it is. This helps them to be mindful of the miracle that has been entrusted to the hands of mothers and fathers. It not only supports the parents but will also shape the child when its paths lead away from home.
We are »standing for a walk«! Your explorations follow your own pace, to which the expression »go on a walk« does not apply. You do not walk like the big people yet – from A to B; decisive; hurried; determined; on the most direct path; quick. You live in your own time, in which foot races, hurdle races, marathons and mountain climbing are not yet part of your agenda. This saying applies to your way of walking: »The path is the goal.« We are walking to stride through a universe. You walk into it and pause when there is something interesting or marvel at something that never existed before. When a person is as young as you, almost everything is amazing and new! Through your eyes, I also get to know this cosmos in a new away. I watch as you pick up stones and look at the tiny world that appears beneath them – little beetles and small plants that can grow in the damp darkness. Your index finger is not shy about tapping the earthworms that you find there. You are still free of prejudice and simply think that they are interesting. You feel their slippery wriggling in your hand and laugh.

  • A declaration of love to life
  • Ideal gift for young parents
  • Congenially communicated life experienc

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Regina Groot Bramel

Regina Groot Bramel, born in 1960, is social padagogue, religion teacher, fully qualified groom, riding therapist and mother of four children and eight foster childre, works in the field of family assistance and emergency removal. She is the editor of the works of Franz Kamphaus and lives in Eschenburg in Hesse.