Julia Cawley / Saskia van Deelen / Vera Schäper

Wild & Cosy

Warming Recipes for Cold Days

Actively experiencing rugged landscapes, wild mountains and nature – and then coming home to a waiting comfortable couch and a hot coffee with whisky and cream. This is coorie, the Scottish expression for equilibrium between nature and cosiness in everyday life. The evocative photographs and warming dishes in this book ensure the right balance between the inside and the outside world.

  • This book combines down-to-earth warming dishes with photographs of rugged landscapes and wild nature
  • A wonderful cookbook and book to read for the autumn and winter season
  • The first book on the trendy topic of Scottish cosiness: Coorie (following Hygge and Lagom)

ISBN: 978-3-7995-1476-7
176 pages
Format 23 x 27 cm
EUR 28.00

The Authors

© Franziska Krauss

Julia Cawley

Julia Cawley is a freelance photographer. After spending five years in New York, her adopted home is now Hamburg. Her photos can be found in various cookbooks and food magazines. Furthermore, she has run the »Liz & Jewels« food blog for many years.

© Fee van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen

Saskia van Deelen lives in Hamburg. She holds a degree in business administration, works as a nutritionist and passionately cooks, bakes, writes, styles and photographs for her »Dee’s Küche« (Dee’s Kitchen) food blog.

© Hanna Witte

Vera Schäper

Vera Schäper is a graphic designer and lecturer from Cologne, where she develops book and magazine concepts. Together with Jens Rehling, she operates the design office of vrej. Vera loves yoga and is currently studying to become a consciousness trainer.