Horst Graebe

Knowing More About Islam

For a Good Coexistence with Muslims

The topics and texts of this volume have been developed over years in events of encounter and discussion. They answer the »genuine« questions as they arise in the daily coexistence of Muslims and the mainstream society. Islamic voices are heard extensively here.
The book provides information on topics such as the sources and sacred writings of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, social obligations and ethics, laws and customs, the role of women, festivals and celebrations and living together with people of other faiths. »Difficult topics« such as Sharia and Jihad are also taken into consideration. The chapter on »Muslims in the Hospital« shows the relation to the practice in an exemplary way.
The volume contains the necessary basic knowledge about Islam and even goes beyond that. Especially practical: If reference is made to the Koran or other Islamic writings, the corresponding quotes are contained in full length in this volume.

  • Compact knowledge in one volume
  • Developed in the encounter
  • Islamic sources speak out

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1022-3
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320 pages
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Horst Graebe

Until 2016, Horst Graebe was Chairman of the Association for Christian-Islamic Encounters Ruhr for many years and has worked intensively on the related topics. He has received high distinctions for his commitment. In his professional life, he was the director of an evening grammar school in Essen, where he lives.