Stefan Knobloch


Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Faith in the Triune God

The keywords of digitalization, artificial intelligence and climate change are used to describe current dangers to our society. Where is this development heading? It seems more than absurd to want to use these challenges as a starting point for a new understanding of belief in the Trinity of God. But this is precisely what Stefan Knobloch does! In an exciting yet informative search for clues in the stories of the faith through the centuries, it illuminates the experiences that people have had with Jesus and, through Jesus, with God.

In a fascinating way, the author reveals how these experiences convey something important that has a very decisive connection with life: Even in today’s life experiences, in the dangers and challenges, there can be flashing moments that point beyond what is ordinary and customary to what faith calls God – and allows us to see life as a whole in a new light.

  • Contemporary non-fiction book
  • Understandable, catchy language
  • Encourages a faith that does not piously avoid modern challenges


ISBN: 978-3-7867-3215-0
160 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 17.00

The Author

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Stefan Knobloch

Stefan Knobloch, a doctorate of theology and Capuchin, is a professor emeritus of pastoral theology in the Catholic Theology department of the University of Mainz, Germany.