Hans-Joachim Sander

Topological Dogma

Part 1

The function of dogma is to give deeper expression to the words of God in light of tradition and contemporary signs of the time. This task must constantly be revisited in order to take present thinking into account in speaking of God in ways that are appropriate, believable and useful to people.

Hans-Joachim Sander presents a new version of dogma that rises to these challenges. He explores the statements of Christian faith not only from the traditional standpoints of Catholic theology, as they have been classically formulated in the teachings of the »loci theologici«. He »goes« to unfamiliar places, to topologies and heterotopias, and to the nexus of life, which have previously not appeared in dogma, but are significant for the formulation of statements of faith.

This is an innovative, sustainable, new approach to systematic theology.

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The Author

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Hans-Joachim Sander

Hans-Joachim Sander holds a doctorate in theology and is a professor of dogma at the University of Salzburg, Austria.