Hans Kessler


The Way of Jesus, the Cross and Faith in Easter

Resurrection is a foreign word for many people. The Biblical Easter texts sound too much like fairy tales when they are taken literally. But what kind of texts are these and what are they about? What are their claims about this Jesus who represented an incendiary message of life and freedom and was executed on the cross? Why did he have to die? What is meant by his resurrection from the dead and by the Easter experiences of his disciples? What can resurrection signify in living and dying? What is its provocative sting to this day?

In this book, Hans Kessler examines the sources and foundations of the belief in resurrection and traces it back to a fundamental question for the Christian understanding of God: Who is this God, confessed by Christians as the God who wants all-encompassing and boundless life for every human being?

  • Existential topic
  • Addresses current questions in a competent and realistic way
  • Author of many standard works

ISBN: 978-3-7867-3252-5
208 pages
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Hans Kessler

Hans Kessler, Dr. Theol.,is Professor Emeritus of Fundamental Theology and Dogmatics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.