Hubert Philipp Weber

Life After Death

Understanding Christian Hope

Part of the Christian hope is that life is not lost with physical death but remains – renewed and reconciled with all brokenness. When people have an experience of death, it makes them aware that their own life is heading for death. Yet, the relationship that modern individuals have to death is ambivalent. On the one hand, it is the diverse topic of literature and television series; on the other hand, it is suppressed. But what will become of a society that ignores death and does not honour the dead?

Theology must also give an account of this: What is death? Why do we perceive it as a threat? Why should it not be the end? What is meant by images like heaven, hell and purgatory? Does the soul exist? What is the meaning of resurrection and how is it different than the belief in reincarnation? What is eternity?

This book presents a coherent and understandable overall picture of the "ultimate concerns."

  • Introduction to eschatology
  • Theology explained in a coherent way
  • Can be understood without any previous knowledge

ISBN: 978-3-7867-3231-0
176 pages
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The Author

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Hubert Philipp Weber

Dr. Hubert Philipp Weber is visiting lecturer at the University of Vienna (Dogmatic Theology), Archiepiscopal Secretary and staff member of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.