Norbert Scholl

God: The Great Unknown

Things Worth Being Amazed About and Things to Question

Are there still good reasons to believe in the existence of “God”? Or in “something divine”? Or in a transcendent and comprehensive force and energy that is the basis for everything? In a “higher power”? Is that reasonable? Or does this tend to be evidence of pre-modern, long outdated thinking? God is widely called “the Great Unknown.”

This book by the well-known religious educator and non-fiction author Norbert Scholl begins with these questions – and with wonder at the world in all of its small and large aspects: snow crystals and mountains, plants and animals, human thought and actions, genius and inspiration. In an original way, it challenges readers to reflect on the ultimate cause, the source of everything, the nameless fellow wanderers, the craftsman from Nazareth and what people call “God.”

But the author does not stop here: This God moves people time and again to do things that are unusual and the extraordinary – to selfless service for the needy and the sick, courageous dedication in politics and society, admirable achievements in art and science and resistance against injustice and violence. God works both on a small and a large scale, openly and secretly.

  • Widely read, renowned author
  • Understandable and informative
  • Inspiring for the personal faith


ISBN: 978-3-7867-3229-7
192 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 19.00

The Author

Norbert Scholl

Norbert Scholl, Dr. of Theology,is Professor Emeritus of Catholic Theology and Religious Education at the Heidelberg University of Education. Since 1995, he has been involved in in the church folk movement called “We Are the Church.” He is the author of many theological and religious education works.