Hans-Joachim Sander

Believing Differently, Not In Spite of It

The Catholic Church’s Sexual Abuse and Its Theological Consequences

For years now, Catholics have been shaken time and again due to the new unbelievable revelations about sexual abuse by priests in their church. Furthermore, the perception of the spiritual abuse behind this issue is also intensifying. But the focus has just recently shifted to how, who and what can be believed at all.

So far only what and who can no longer be believed is clear: the systemic innocence of the Catholic Church and its decision-makers who cover things up. This also involves how people can no longer believe in the beautiful appearance of a faith that is above ugly abuse. This situation triggers fear for the future of the Catholic faith. Is there any way to reverse what makes us speechless? With defiance? Or with the insight of believing differently than before? This book enters into the open space of these questions, but also explores ways that believers can move within it.

The Catholic faith will not emerge anew in this space, but it can change. The clarification of how the Catholic faith can actually be practiced differently than the customary way is the central theme of this courageous and striking interjection.

ISBN: 978-3-7867-3230-3
96 pages
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The Author

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Hans-Joachim Sander

Hans-Joachim Sander holds a doctorate in theology and is a professor of dogma at the University of Salzburg, Austria.