Christian Kummer

Believe in God as a Person?

A Forensic Study

God is a person – a statement of faith firmly anchored in the Christian understanding of God. But what does this statement mean? What can it mean today in an era characterised by scientific thinking? Christian Kummer addresses precisely these burning questions. He sees the perception that every experience of reality, even the experience of a belief in God, takes place in dialogue as an interplay of aspirations and answers.
From this basic assumption, Kummer develops an approach to a personal conception of God that allows believers to confidentially use the word »you« when speaking with God. Without falling into the flat apologetics of faith, the author succeeds in creating a gripping invitation to believe in the Christian God that stands up to critical thinking.

  • Faith in God beyond traditional catechism knowledge
  • With a scientific, philosophical and theological basis
  • Catchy language that engages the readers

ISBN: 978-3-7867-3178-8
ca. 256 pages
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The Author

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Christian Kummer

Dr. Christian Kummer is a biologist and philosopher. He was professor at the Jesuit University for Philosophy in Munich. The professor emeritus is director of the Institute for Scientific Issues related to Philosophy and Theology.