Paul M. Zulehner

The Church Listens to the People

A Pastoral Theology from Below

Case studies are listening to people in a scientifically organised way. This book includes five such case studies, which could be helpful in the day-to-day operations of the Church: on the satisfaction with Pope Francis, the role of the Church as an oasis of diffusing trust in cultures of fear and the Church as a home. In addition, the people provide information about views on marriage and family, child abuse and structural reforms in the Church. The data on young people's use of cell phones and their images of love is endearing. The people who participated in the survey are affected by these issues. Many of them try to connect the Gospel with their everyday life. An "implicit" pastoral theology emerges in the process. To uphold it is the task of the academic discipline. This ensures that the Church's actions do not lose contact with those affected by them.

  • Synodality requires listening


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The Author

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Paul M. Zulehner

Paul M. Zulehner holds doctorates in both philosophy and theology and is one of the most renowned scholars in religious sociology in Europe. From 1984 until his retirement in 2008 he was a professor of pastoral theology in Vienna, Austria. His numerous publications focus especially on the sociology of religion and the church, and pastoral theology.