Hubert Philipp Weber

And God Blessed Them

Understanding the Story of Creation

Is belief in the Creator God compatible with the theory of the Big Bang and the self-evolving universe? Which questions determine the conversation between natural sciences and faith? And which questions do the Creation stories of the Bible answer?
The Book of Genesis is not a record of how the world came into being but a statement that the world and its development are not a coincidence. Faith in the Creator has consequences for the way we live in the Creation, participate in it and bear responsibility for our fellow creatures.
In a generally understandable language, this introduction offers an overview of the important topics, developments and aspects of one of the most exciting areas of theology from the beginnings of faith in God to today.

  • Introduction to Creation Theology
  • Theological contents explained
  • Can be understood without any previous knowledge

ISBN: 978-3-7867-3182-5
200 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
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The Author

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Hubert Philipp Weber

Dr. Hubert Philipp Weber is visiting lecturer at the University of Vienna (Dogmatic Theology), Archiepiscopal Secretary and staff member of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.