Jörg Bremer (ed.)

A Goblet for Two

The Ecumenical Debate on Communion for Interdenominational Couples

The Catholic German Bishops' Conference is experiencing a rift due to the question of whether Protestant partners who go to Catholic mass are also permitted to have communion – and if they are, under which conditions. Pope Francis has instructed the bishops to find an amicable solution, but it appears to be a long way off. Theology and Church law allow different interpretations, and the Pastoral has its own aspects. The question of mutual communion has increasingly become the arena for inner-Catholic factional struggles. For outsiders and especially for those affected, the reservations are hardly comprehensible. And the Church is running out of time: More and more people are turning away while shaking their heads and satisfying their spiritual needs elsewhere. Others figure it out for themselves and do what they think is right.
This dedicated non-fiction book looks at and analyses the open questions. It takes up important ecumenical impulses brought forth by the 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation and pleads for constructive solutions to real and apparent problems.

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Jörg Bremer

Dr. Jörg Bremer began working as an editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in 1978. He has lived with his family in Rome since 2009 and reported on Italian politics and the Vatican as a correspondent until the end of 2017. The social historian has written several non-fiction books, especially about culture and politics in Israel. He is a member of the German-language Lutheran congregation in Rome and has experienced the debate described in this book at a close proximity.