Katharina Schridde

You Have Afflicted Me

Experiences with Trauma and Spirituality

After breaking off her studies and her training as a nurse, Katharina’s life became focused on her faith: She joined a Christian women’s community and studied theology. However, the Lutheran pastor once again found herself in a clinic in 2000: In the course of trauma therapy, she experienced peace and expansiveness behind all of her brokenness. Are traumatic experiences somehow related to “faith”? Based on her own experiences, Katharina Schridde addresses this question to herself, other affected people and therapists, as well as the poets and sages of Israel and the Bible. She approaches an answer to the question about God in a world of horrors.

  • Autobiographically based spirituality
  • The question about God in a world of horrors

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1228-9
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192 pages
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Katharina Schridde

Katharina Schridde,born in 1964 in Berlin, is a Lutheran theologian, pastor and author. From 2008 to 2011, she was a pastor at the Augustinian Church in Erfurt and head of the City Station run by the Lutheran community of Casteller Ring at the Erfurt Augustinian Monastery. She now works at the City Mission in the metropolis of Berlin.