Pierre Stutz

The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees

A journey of discovery

With photos by Andrea Göppel

The texts in this volume were created in dialogue with trees. They tell of the divine life force that animates all things. Pierre Stutz’s poems and thoughts engage in a deep dialogue with the life force of the trees. The design includes photographs by Andrea Göppel that were taken exclusively for this book.

  • Trending topic: trees
  • Pierre Stutz is a top author
  • Exclusive tree photography

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0875-6
Hardcover with dust jacket
64 pages
Format 17 x 26 cm
EUR 17.00

The Author

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Pierre Stutz

Pierre Stutz is one of the most soughtafter spiritual teachers of our time. He lives on the shores of Lake Geneva and inspires people in lectures and courses to a grounded and freeing spirituality. He has written more than 40 books with a total number of copies sold of over one million. His books have been translated into six languages. For Pierre Stutz, writing is his »feu sacré« – his inner passion.