Niklaus Kuster

The Father of Us All

Praying Like Francis of Assisi

No text has shaped Christian prayer like the Lord’s Prayer. Francis of Assisi prayed it many times every day and wrote a contemplation on it. For his encounter with Islam, he created a collection of the “most beautiful names of God,” in which he also addresses the Father with the female names of God. Further spiritual pearls from the early Franciscan period are dedicated to the Lord’s Prayer as well.

Niklaus Kuster has translated the historical texts into an easily readable, modern language. His interpretation offers surprising inspirations for our age. It extends to the Abu Dhabi Declaration with which Pope Francis and Grandimam Muhammad al-Tayyeb joined together to profess the brotherhood of all human beings in a Franciscan spirit.

  • About the basic Christian prayer
  • Newly discovered texts from the early Franciscan period
  • Historical sources in modern language

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Niklaus Kuster

Dr. Niklaus Kuster, a Capuchin friar in Olten near Basel, Switzerland, teaches Spirituality, Franciscan History and Church History at the University of Lucerne, as well as at religious order colleges in Münster and Madrid. He accompanies retreats and trips "with depth and breadth" and also works as a journalist. His diverse "years of apprenticeship and travel" led him into Zurich's drug work, as well as a meditation monastery, and to Rome and Assisi.