Gotthard Fuchs / Irene Leicht

Tests of Courage

Inspirations for a Self-Determined Life

Courage is a precious commodity, especially in a time that many people experience as threatening. And courage has many faces. Gotthard Fuchs and Irene Leicht spell out various facets of this very important feeling. They show its diverse and above all, existential, spiritual, theological and therapeutic dimensions – from noble sense to unreasonable demands. This inspiring read invites people to take charge of their own lives in a courageous and confident way.

  • Encouragement from two experienced pastoral counsellors
  • An inspiring read in insecure times

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1324-8
Hardcover with ribbon
120 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 15.00

Title in German

The Authors

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Irene Leicht

Dr. Irene Leicht, a Lutheran pastor and Gestalt therapist (HPsych), has a doctorate in the field of medieval mysticism research and is interested in therapeutic-spiritual approaches.

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Gotthard Fuchs

Dr. Gotthard Fuchs, Catholic priest and long-time academy director, is a pastoral counsellor and speaker. His primary focus is on issues related to Christian mysticism in the nonreligious and interreligious contemporary conversation, as well as the relationship between theology and psychology.