Jörg Steinert

Pilgrimage Craze

Why the Way of St. James Is Addictive: Notes from the Path

800 kilometres - on foot. Usually alone, but not lonely. The Way of St. James is one of the great adventures of our age. Not perilous, but exciting. Strenuous and enjoyable at the same time. Jörg Steiner set out to discover the various Ways of St. James in Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. On one of his trips, he was accompanied by the women's rights activist and liberal Muslim Seyran Ateş, who has been under personal protection for the past several years and also had a team of LKA officers at her side during the pilgrimage. The author reports on his personal experiences on the various Ways of St. James in "Pilgrimage Craze."  In an entertaining way, he describes why the Way of St. James has an addictive effect on people.

  • Trendy topic of pilgrimage
  • For the pious, sceptics and non-believers

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1197-8
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Jörg Steinert

Jörg Steinert, born in Zwickau in 1982, has a degree in political science and is manager of the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg. He initiated signs to mark the Way of St. James through Berlin as European Cultural Itinerary.