Uwe Birnstein

Martin, The Man

Why Luther Touches our Hearts

Martin Luther was a stubborn person and a sensitive pastor, a dedicated family man and loyal friend, a man who stood by his fears as well as his faith. Uwe Birnstein elucidates the human side of Luther, one that touches us, not because of the drama, but due to his humanity.

Using many anecdotes and everyday stories, Birnstein portrays the man Martin Luther apart from church politics and theological significance. This is not a short biography, but rather a book that brings us closer to Luther and highlights his motives, which console us even today.

  • Original take on the human side of Luther
  • An accessible book that highlights Luther's current relevance

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0858-9
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128 pages
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The Author

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Uwe Birnstein

Uwe Birnstein, born in 1962, is protestant theologian and lives in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg (city of Luther, the European City of the Reformation). Since 1989 he works as journalist for magazines, broadcasting and TV. Furthermore he is author of several books dealing with topics such as the Reformation.