Rainer Haak / Angelika Haak

Give Yourself Wings!

Getting Your Body, Mind and Soul Moving

The well-known author Rainer Haak and his wife Angelika Haak, a musician and movement coach, share their experiences from many encounters and workshops in this book: They invite readers on a path for newly discovering and rediscovering their own life. They bring the intellect and the soul into a conversation, offer images and stories to the soul and get the body moving with simple exercises (the "Moving Seven"). The goal of this spiritual reader and workbook is for the soul to regain its wings and fly off into its own life.

  • The new spiritual workbook by Rainer and Angelika Haak
  • Vitalizing impulses for body, mind and soul
  • For men and women in midlife

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1290-6
160 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 20.00

The Authors

© Stefan Weigand

Angelika Haak

Angelika Haak, a singer and vocal instructor, now works as a voice and movement coach for individuals and workshops. She developed the "Moving Seven" as a movement exercise.

© Stefan Weigand

Rainer Haak

Rainer Haak was a youth leader, waiter, bookseller, pastor and a concert and travel organiser before he became one of the most successful book authors with more than nine million books sold in the German-speaking world.