Stefan Jürgens

From Magic to Mysticism

The Path to Freedom in Faith

"In my 25 years of pastoral practice, I have encountered little faith in many people but a lot of magic; little trust in God but much fear; little development but much tradition," writes Stefan Jürgens. Many Christians live their faith as if God were to be put in a merciful mood through their pious deeds. Stefan Jürgens describes how he found his way to an adult faith: not because he is good but because God is good. The author follows the tracks of ministerial development, as it is also expressed in the Bible. He asks about the deeper causes for persisting in the childhood faith. He shows that developed spirituality and identity are decisive steps to an adult faith that does not demand but encourages, that is supportive in everyday life and that ultimately leads to personal freedom. A new look at the church and essential contents of Christianity turns this easy-to-read book into a stimulating basic course about faith.

  • Faith and personality development
  • Finding the way from hearsay to personal experience
  • Relevant to the Synodal Way

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Stefan Jürgens

Stefan Jürgens, born in 1968 and ordained as a priest in 1994, has been the senior pastor of the two parishes Ahaus and Alstätte-Ottenstein St. Mariä Himmelfahrt (St. Mary's Assumption) with its five congregations since 2019. He was previously the youth pastor of a region and clerical rector of an academy, as well as a pastor in the cities of Stadtlohn and Münster, Germany. Through the "Wort zum Sonntag" (Word for Sunday) programme, as well as a radio speaker and book author, he has become well-known beyond the pastoral care of his parishes. His special concerns include the spiritual deepening of the faith, as well as concrete steps to reform the church for the sake of the Gospel. He uses his free time to write and make music.