Kurt E. Becker

The Housed Human

Four Walls and a Roof Over Your Head: In a Dialogue with 77 Personalities from Aristotle to Stefan Zweig

A characteristic of human beings is that they live in residences and furnish them. The living space is part of the sphere of privacy and may be entered only by invitation. How people "house" reveals many things about them. Ideas and concepts, images of the world and human beings are behind the houses, villages and cities. How people live has preconditions and accompanying effects. The way in which these change always mirrors the individual's self-image as well.

Kurt E. Becker reflects on human dwellings in 77 "conversations" with male and female personalities from cultural history. Their statements are original texts from more than 2000 years and provide reading pleasure with an “aha” effect.

  • A book about the sense of living

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1297-5
Hardcover with dust jacket
272 pages
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Kurt E. Becker

Dr. Kurt E. Beckeris a humanities scholar and social scientist, publicist, philosophical writer, entrepreneur, executive and media coach for managers in business and public life, communications expert, author and editor of more than 40 books on contemporary issues, not least on questions of sustainability in building and life. He lives in Emmendingen, Germany.