Walter Kardinal Kasper

The Christian`s Joy

What does »a closed heart« mean in an age of the enraged citizen? What does »friendship« mean in an age of Facebook? In his new book, Walter Kasper presents nothing less than a description of the Christian`s existence in the world of today – under the heading of joy. Some will be astonished to learn that »sadness« and a »closed heart« are considered the greatest temptation and gravest sin in the spiritual tradition. Kasper counters this tendency with joy, which is the fruit of the conversion and a gift of mercy according to the Biblical message. »Joy cannot be created or organised and even less forced or constructed. It must virtually fall into our laps.« In doing so, joy opens the believer to the gifts and beauty of the Creation, which especially applies to community and love, but also to God Himself, who came close to human beings in Jesus. From joy to friendship with God: Kasper’s book contains a small school of prayer, as well as a vision of a church that follows Pope Francis` call for renewal. Walter Kasper draws on the Bible, as well as the writings by the mystics and theologists (above all, St. Thomas Aquinas) and the works of the poets and philosophers.
And yet, his knowledgeable work is not a specialist book just for theologists but an understandable one. Above all, it is a book dedicated to all those who ask about the significance of faith in their life.

  • Against fear and a closed heart: the message of joy
  • Encouragement for Christians of all denominations

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1052-0
Hardcover with dust jacket
240 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 20.00

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Walter Kardinal Kasper

Walter Cardinal Kasper, born in 1933, doctorate and professor in dogmatic theology, 1989–1999 Bishop of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, 2001–2010 President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.