Paul M. Zulehner

So That Heaven Comes to Earth – At Least In Traces

Human Life in the Midst of Ideological Diversity

"In the past, life was a major enterprise in public hands. Now it is a microenterprise in private hands," according to Thomas Luckmann, a sociologist of religion. Everyone builds and sets up their own "little lifeworld." But what is the extent of "my world" – the reality that I live in? To the boundary of death, with which everything is definitively over? Or is death an unimaginable transformation of our existence? After all, we set up a house of faith for ourselves. Some make use of science, others get their furnishings from the stories of the world's religions. In this process, should we align ourselves with a religious community or be the sole architects of our house of life? And what are the effects of our extremely different religious convictions on our lives and our coexistence in a country, on a continent such as Europe or in the world? The book is based on a long-term study that has observed how people coped with such questions over a period of 50 years. Paul M. Zulehner encourages reflection on how and where the "traces of heaven" can still be found within all of the cultural changes.

  • Strong encouragement in times of upheaval
  • Outstanding basis for decisions in the midst of moving transformation

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1276-0
Softcover with flaps
160 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
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The Author

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Paul M. Zulehner

Paul M. Zulehner holds doctorates in both philosophy and theology and is one of the most renowned scholars in religious sociology in Europe. From 1984 until his retirement in 2008 he was a professor of pastoral theology in Vienna, Austria. His numerous publications focus especially on the sociology of religion and the church, and pastoral theology.