Stefan Vesper (ed.)

Seek Peace

People Talk About a Longing That Never Stops

Outer and inner, social and personal peace is the basis on which life can thrive. Even if we have taken peace for granted during recent decades in our latitudes, the endangered, vulnerable and fleeting nature of this substance that we all need becomes increasingly clear. Peace doesn’t just simply exist and arise on its own. »Seek peace and pursue it!« was already called for in Psalm 34. »Seek peace« – This was also the motto of the 2018 German Catholic Day in Münster. People from the public sphere spoke about their experiences of peace here, of seeking and finding, of achieving and losing the peace in the own life, in society, in history and in the present. The result of the event is this stimulating reader. In entirely different approaches, it shows how crucial the search for peace is for each and every individual – and how little it is seen as self-evident and existential.

  • What does peace mean to me?
  • Personal and historical experiences
  • Stimulating reader by prominent authors

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1021-6
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160 pages
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Stefan Vesper

Since 1999, Dr. Stefan Vesper has been the General Secretary for the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) in Bonn. This has automatically made him a member of many church institutions and associations in Germany. His main responsibilities include the concept and management of the German Catholic Days (eight up to now) and the corresponding participation in the Ecumenical Church Days (two up to now).