Hubertus Halbfas

Secular Piety

Conversation About an Enlightened Christianity

Hubertus Halbfas wants to reclaim the word "piety" for people who live secular lives. His thesis: People who live secular lives are not impious. Even a secular existence can be lived in a spiritual way. In the form of an inner dialogue, the author develops what spirituality can mean for the people of today. At the same time, he aims to reveal the present-day significance that Jesus of Nazareth has for an enlightened Christianity: "If the historical Jesus and his programme do not regain a secular presence – for Christians and non-Christians, supposed believers and supposed atheists – the rest of Christianity will also be dispensable."

  • Renowned controversial theologian

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1299-9
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Hubertus Halbfas

Hubertus Halbfas holds a doctorate of theology and has been a leading figure in the field of religious education for decades. His publications have been translated into several languages, and he has become widely known as an influential theologian well beyond the German-speaking countries.