Alina Pfeifer

Heaven Meets Earth

About God and My World: Poetry Slam

Who am I, who do I want to be and where do I want to go? Poetry-slammer Alina Pfeifer takes us along on her search for answers to the big and little questions of life. She writes sensitively about losses, the struggle with the state of the world and her relationship to God. But her thoughts about family, friendship and happiness in everyday life also have their place, and she finds encouraging answers to her questions. This is a wonderful book with clever texts for everyone who is growing up right now and those who still remember what it feels like.

  • Trend of the poetry slam
  • For young people

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1263-0
Softcover with flaps
160 pages
Format 13 x 21.5 cm
EUR 18.00

Title in German

The Author

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Alina Pfeifer

Alina Pfeifer, born in 2000, loves to write poetry-slam texts in addition to her training in various types of nursing work. In 2018, she won the Honorary Prize for young people in Central Hessen, was nominated for the German Commitment Award and participated in the Hessian Poetry Slam Championships. Whenever Alina cannot be found in her home state of Hesse, the longing for the ocean has taken hold of her and she is at the North Sea.