Michael N. Ebertz


4 Theses on the Church's Present and Future

The Church’s offspring no longer comes from the families as in the past. The Church has lost its air sovereignty over the individual's body, mind and soul. In keeping with this, its members have a colourful composition that is itself interwoven with the plural society. The debates show that the sense of the Church is no longer clear. They raise the question about which possibilities have opened up for moving people to lead a Christian life. Michael N. Ebertz describes not only these existential caesuras, but also analyses the background and context of the Church's disempowerment – and outlines the direction of possible paths into a future.

  • Understanding the deeper causes of the crisis
  • Grasping the loss of power as a further opportunity
  • Relevant to the "Synodal Path"

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The Author

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Michael N. Ebertz

Michael N. Ebertz, Dr. rer. soc. habil., DTh, is a professor at the Catholic University of Freiburg. He holds teaching positions at several universities. He is one of the best-known sociologists in the German-speaking world and, above all, has made a name for himself in the area of the religion and church sociology. As the author of ground-breaking books, he is valued for his clear analyses. He accompanies pastoral research and reform projects.