Michael Blume

Conspiracy Theories

Where They Come From, What They Lead to and How We Can Confront Them

Bill Gates is behind the coronavirus pandemic to get even richer with a vaccine. Or is it billionaire George Soros to decimate the world population? Are children abducted and tortured in secret factories to get the sought-after adrenochrome? And is all this part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over world domination?

In an unprecedented scale the internet and social media overflow with speculations, none of which is too bizarre to be shared with the world. Even highly educated people believe in the most delusional constructs. Many have to witness their loved ones drift into a world of fantasy and fear.

Michael Blume analyses the cultural and psychological backgrounds of such myths and explains how they “work”. Due to his experiences from various encounters, he provides advice on how to keep cool and deal with conspiracy theorists.  He points out weaknesses of conspiracy movements – and predicts the downfall of the QAnon theory around the failing messiah Donald Trump.

  • Topical issue during the corona pandemic
  • Debunking myths
  • The book against fear

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1286-9
160 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 15.00

The Author

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Michael Blume

Dr. Michael Blume is a religious scholar and political scientist. The protestant Christian is married to a Muslim and Head of the »Non-Christian Religions, Values, Minorities and Northern Iraq Projects« Unit in the Baden-Württemberg State Department. In 2015/16 he assumed responsibility for the state's special quota project for vulnerable women and children from Northern Iraq. His doctoral thesis was on religion and neuro-theology. In 2009 leading scientific bloggers awarded his blog the Scilogs Prize; he was the first German to be appointed to the international research network for Evolutionary Religious Studies.