Eugen Drewermann

At the Source of Life

Words with Heart and Mind

“When we talk to a person in such a way that we touch the depths of his being, he opens up to us and becomes a path for us that leads to infinity. And whenever we feel that we have been spoken to in such a way that our own self is addressed and supported, we feel ourselves connected to the origin our existence, to the source of life.”

With an easily accessible approach, this reader brings together some of the most important thoughts and loveliest texts from Eugen Drewermann’s inexhaustible work.

  • An easily accessible compilation of Eugen Drewermann´s most beautiful thoughts
  • The author is a committed speakers

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1247-0
Hardcover with book ribbon
128 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 15.00

The Author

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Eugen Drewermann

Eugen Drewermann, born in 1940, has a doctorate in theology. When he was suspended from the priesthood and the teaching profession, he began a career as a psychotherapist and writer. To date he has written more than eighty books and his works have been translated into more than a dozen languages.