Paul M. Zulehner

Anxious Confidence

What Moves People in the Corona Crisis

The Corona pandemic has profoundly changed people's attitude towards life. In order to protect the risk groups, some countries have taken Draconian measures. These have been willingly supported by a large portion of the population. Yet, an engaged social discourse about fundamental questions soon erupted. What takes precedence: health and security or freedom and the economy?

Quite a few people see the pandemic crisis as an opportunity for change. They see the emergence of a new lifestyle, observe an accelerated digitalisation and demand a greening of the economy. The Christian churches are also affected by the lockdown. There is a concern that many "habitual Christians" have further weaned themselves from the Church during the pandemic; others see an opportunity for declericalisation and renewal of Church life. An international online survey in ten languages has gathered opinions on this topic. The religion and values researcher Paul M. Zulehner presents the results of the study and interprets them in the sense of pastoral theology. Guaranteed answers to the "world after Corona" are still a long time coming – even in this book. Yet, it provides valuable building blocks for the answers.  

  • With reference to "Fratelli tutti"
  • Data of more than 14.000 interviewees

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The Author

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Paul M. Zulehner

Paul M. Zulehner holds doctorates in both philosophy and theology and is one of the most renowned scholars in religious sociology in Europe. From 1984 until his retirement in 2008 he was a professor of pastoral theology in Vienna, Austria. His numerous publications focus especially on the sociology of religion and the church, and pastoral theology.