Franz Alt

After Corona

Reshaping Our Future

Franz Alt's current book is thoroughly optimistic. We have learned much during the Corona pandemic and have concentrated all of our forces to withstand a life-threatening and global catastrophe. This includes recognising scientific findings, planning across countries and acting consistently – individually and in society as a whole. These experiences can motivate us to also master the other challenges that threaten our planet and humanity. Franz Alt describes signs of hope for a better future: We are already in the process of creating the energy transition and new forms of mobility; we can stop global warming, ecologically transform the economy and disarm nuclear weapons. In Germany and throughout the world, activists, charismatic politicians and social movements are committed to a liveable future for everyone. Franz Alt encourages us with many concrete examples: We can reshape our future if we combine our intellectual insights and emotional forces, rethink our lives, allow new feelings and take innovative of actions.

  • Ecological transition is feasible
  • Encouraging ways out of the man-made crises
  • Eminent author and popular speaker

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1319-4
288 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 25.00

The Author

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Franz Alt

Dr. Franz Alt is a journalist and book author. He has received many awards as a television journalist, especially for SWR (Southwest Broadcasting) from 1968–2003. His books have been translated into twelve languages, with millions of editions in circulation. The politically committed thinker has been advocating a new ecological consciousness for decades.