Monika Specht-Tomann

What Is That Monster Doing Under the Bed?

Understanding and overcoming children’s fears

Fear of the dark, of saying goodbye, or difficulties in preschool or school – children live through many troubling experiences that they have to master in the course of their development. Which fears are part of any normal development? When are children’s hearts and minds especially burdened? What exactly can parents do to support their children in frightening situations?

The experienced psychologist Monika Specht-Tomann demonstrates how parents can lovingly help their children and tame the monster under the bed together.

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0644-8
180 pages
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The Author

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Monika Specht-Tomann

Monika Specht-Tomann, born in 1950, is a psychologist and physiotherapist. She works in education in the field of social services and is the author of successful books on the topics of death, mourning and pain. She has four children and lives with her family in Graz, Austria.