Elisabeth Raffauf

They Don`t Just Do Nothing: They Lie There and Grow

What Helps During Puberty

All of us somehow survive it – puberty. And most of us have even turned into decent human beings. So why are we afraid that our pubescent children will never get their act together? Was it different for us in earlier times? Or were we exactly the same but our point of view has fundamentally changed from the perspective of a parent? Elisabeth Raffauf tells true puberty stories, reminding readers of their own chaos years with a conspiratorial wink. This book is enormously helping in understanding today`s young people in their conflict between a need for affection and rebellion, as well as exploring the role of the parent in a new way.

  • Popular expert in the media
  • New approach for a supportive parental role
  • All parents were once pubescents

ISBN: 978-3-8436-1019-3
192 pages
Format 14 x 21 cm
EUR 18.00

The Author

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Elisabeth Raffauf

Elisabeth Raffauf, a certified psychologist, leads group discussions for parents of adolescents, for young girls and for children of divorced parents. She works for the educational show »Herzfunk« on West German Television’s (»WDR«) series »Lilipuz« and belongs to the advisory team of the children’s news program »Logo« on Germany’s Channel 2 (»ZDF«). She is the author of many educational books as well as brochures for Germany’s Federal Center for Health Education. Elisabeth Raffauf is the mother of a daughter and two sons.