Felicitas Römer

Raising Children with Less Stress

Empathy instead of scolding

Preschool-aged children insist on more and more freedom from their parents. But how should parents react when their kids won’t take no for an answer or have temper tantrums? Scolding and punishing don’t really help, and often only create unpleasant tension. Many parents are aware that scolding children isn’t a good solution, but do not know what they can do instead.
Author Felicitas Römer provides answers in this book, ways parents can raise their children with more calmness, patience, and empathy. The experienced family therapist demonstrates how to avoid stress situations and provides concrete suggestions for an empathic approach to interacting with children.

  • Steps toward experiencing less stress with kids
  • Empathy instead of scolding – a different approach to raising children
  • Useful, practical tips from an experienced family therapist

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0916-6
Softcover with flaps
120 pages
Format 12 x 19 cm
EUR 12.99

The Author

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Felicitas Römer

Felicitas Römer studied literature and sociology. Today she works as a qualified family and couple counselor, journalist and author focusing on family and childrearing. She is married and the mother of four children.